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What good is expertise and certification if you can’t flaunt it and access leads? Exactly… is an optional service we offer our graduates to help them position themselves as experts on one of the highest ranking websites for probate services. Ever heard of the saying “all ships rise with the tide”? Imagine what will happen to your website and profile when you get listed on our directory that ranks number 2,3 and 5 out of 27 million hits on Google, Bing or Yahoo? In addition, our directory for real estate agents allows only certified probate real estate agents to be listed. Our graduates have a unique opportunity to join the directory at a deeply discounted rate.

How do I locate the executors and administrators? Do I have to go to the courthouse?

Thanks to you can find motivated sellers online  and will not have to go to the courthouse. (If available in your area.)

We currently serve the most populous counties in many states with more being added every year. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll go to the court house, sift through records, find the files that are worth pursuing, update records and finally make them available online so you don’t have to wait in-line at the court house. Imagine that…search and download probate leads from your computer in minutes instead of spending hours at the court house.

All our members receive a 60 day free trial with their training.

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