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Simplifying Probate Real Estate for You

What if there was a lead source tied to the life cycle rather than the economic cycle? The first thing you’d want to do is find out what that lead source is and then get a solid understanding of it, right? We discovered this niche called probate real estate 18 years ago and learned how to buy real estate at 45-60 cents on the dollar. We then turned our passion for teaching into an easy to understand curriculum that has empowered 14,000+ real estate agents in 7 states and counting. “You’ve taken a complicated process and made it simple to understand and easy to prospect with” is what a broker-owner at Prudential told us years ago.

How would you like to learn about a market that’s been around over 230 years, yet only made easily accessible the last 4 years? What’s more, what if we told you that by 2017 $15,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) worth of estates will be settled and real estate represents 80% of it?

Our training is designed to fit anyone’s schedule and learning pace. We travel the country and you can learn more about our schedule here. We also offer online options that will open your eyes to this shadow market that previously only very few knew about.

Our free education gives you all the details you need to understand this market, recognize the potential and more importantly, decide to take action. Our paid education gives you the strategies and tools to put your new career on the fast track. Our certification program instantly makes you stand out in the marketplace.

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